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my school day is started in 8.30.i have five or six lessons a day.i go to school six day a favouirite subject is english,but i like all  subject.i have five english le...Подробнее
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i like when the weather is warm and sunny.because at this weather you feel yourself very healthy, happy and comfortable.especcialy i like when we have the sun in winter because it'...Подробнее
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their machines work better than his machines. her holiday expenses are larger than my holiday expenses. the parking space in my region is more expensive than in his region....Подробнее
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Tomorrov.i now look televizor.kogda peter entered the room his friend looked televizor.ty often watch tv ? when do you usually watch tv ? who somtrel television program yesterday...Подробнее
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постораюсь =)   организация выбрала моего отца на эту миссию и все были этому рады. он пытался открыть портал, но ничего не выходило. тогда мы поняли, в чем причина: джеймс...Подробнее
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as  cool as a cucumber,as strong as a horse,as cool as a cucumber.,as deaf as a bat,as bling as a post,as clear as a crystal ,as sly as a fox,as slow as a tortoise,as sweet as...Подробнее
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