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Алгебра, 05.09.2019, ask52
1)  i used to live in the country, but now i don't 2)  did you use to wear glasses? 3)  they didn't use to do any homework. 4)  he used to have a motorbike...Подробнее
ответов: 1
1) they are great friends 2) their city is very old. 3) my friend was in england last year 4) she will be at the university at 9 5) there are tree rooms in our flat 6) we were at t...Подробнее
ответов: 3
Алгебра, 05.09.2019, lizix
1 years ago, shells were used as money by a lot of north american indians. 2 since 1999, the euro was introduced in twelve european countries. 3 every year, a lot of old coins were...Подробнее
ответов: 3
At last holidays came! i was very happy!   i didn't have  to get up early in the morning and run to school. i could stay in the bed till midday. but i didn't want to s...Подробнее
ответов: 3
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